Paid Search Marketing

Convert your business leads through paid advertising.

 I will work to make your paid advertisements appear at the top of search engine results with keywords that are directly associated with your business or organization to increase the level of traffic to your website.

Let’s partner to create a PPC strategy that will give you the best opportunity to get your advertisements to appear to the audience you wish to reach in the most cost-effective way.

  • My team will design a strategy and plan for our clients to evolve and adapt.
  • My team helps our clients identify what effectively and efficiently works for them over time.
  • My team will implement the strategy and plan that will help our clients respond to the changes in the industry.


I approach each and every paid search marketing campaign with a specific methodology:

  • Goals & Objectives: First, we collaborate with each client to establish a set of goals and objectives as well as to produce a measurable scale for the ROI on your PPC campaign.
  • Campaign Analysis: Next, we provide you with an analysis of your website’s source code and visible text to determine whether or not it is conducive to PPC, paying particular attention to conversion opportunities.
  • Budget Recommendations: Our team will suggest a monthly paid search budget based on your projected needs, including your target services and products.
  • Finalize Budget: We will then determine the final budget for paid search in addition to your company’s other marketing campaigns.
  • Media Selection: We begin your PPC campaign by selecting the media that fits it best, including Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Bing, and
  • Current Campaign Audit: After selecting media, we perform a comprehensive audit on any existing PPC accounts. With this data, we can then create an even stronger PPC strategy. This may involve continuing in your current direction with more specific and focused techniques, or it could consist of completely rebuilding your paid search campaign.
  • Campaign Adjustments and Ongoing Optimization: SteerPoint Marketing will continue to make updates to your paid search campaign as needed, including keywords, bidding strategies, ad copy, daily keyword budgets, and maximum cost per click.
  • PPC Account Setup: Our team will go through the process of creating new PPC accounts or reviewing existing accounts that your company holds on each PPC engine. Because of our relationship with the PPC engines, we are able to maintain an open channel of communication that allows us to quickly put new keywords and ads into motion throughout your entire campaign’s lifespan.
  • Competitive Analysis: An important part of paid search is understanding your competitors – their habits, bidding strategies, bid break points, and how much they are willing to spend on paid search over any given period of time. This will help us create a full picture of where your ads can be competitively placed for the best, most cost-effective exposure.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis: We make keyword recommendations for your paid search campaign based on both the terms and phrases that are most important to your business and what keywords offer the highest ROI. With ongoing management of your PPC campaign, we will be able to continue expanding and refining this list to account for changes in your business, products, and audience.
  • Ad Creative: My experienced team monitors ROI, CPA, and click-through response along with consistently measuring your ad creative results. This allows us to make adjustments as needed.
  • A/B Testing: Not only will we monitor your paid search campaign, but we will also provide analysis of the testing that we complete on different configurations of ad copy to find the most effective strategy and increase ROI.

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